Aluminum Trim Deoxidizer Comparison

Over the years, we have found that there is a lot of confusion about the various treatments for oxidized, anodized aluminum.

First of all, there are two types of aluminum used on automobiles.

  1. Anodized
  2. Non anodized

The anodized aluminum has a hardened surface to protect it from the elements.

The non anodized does not have this protective hardened surface.

AN EASY TEST: If you polish anodized aluminum, you will find that you cloth will remain clean. If you polish non anodized aluminum, your cloth will be black from the raw aluminum.

We will compare two products.

  1. California Custom
  2. Classic Trim Coat

California Custom is a good product for non anodized aluminum. This is the aluminum found on wheels, truck trim pieces etc. it has no effect on oxidized anodized aluminum. It is basically a good two part polishing system.

Classic Trimcoat is a water based treatment for oxidized anodized aluminum. There is no need to wear protective gloves during its application, and it dries to the touch within five minutes. You can speed up the curing process and increase its durability by using a hair dryer or heat gun.(be careful with the heat gun). Because it is a water based product, multiple coats are possible and necessary. Each additional coat does not attack the previous one.

Classic TrimCoat’s Aluminum Trim Deoxidizer has successfully treated over 5,000 cars at various car dealerships in Atlanta, and we have found that is is necessary to apply at least two coats of deoxidizer whether it is solvent based or water based.. The reason for this is that with any wipe on the application, the coating goes on in varying thicknesses. Where the coating is thin, the sun will burn through within a few weeks, leaving the thicker application in place, causing a streaky look. This problem is eliminated by multiple coats. In a professional environment such as working at dealerships, it is impractical to wait 20-45 minutes let alone 4 to 5 days before the car is ready. Many times cars are treated with Classic TrimCoat and then go directly to detail. In many cases we do 8 to 10 cars, and as we do them the cars wash truck comes by to pressure wash and wipe down the cars. In this environment,the deoxidizer must dry fast, and be durable almost immediately.


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