The True Test of An Aluminum Deoxidizer

Putting Our Aluminum Deoxidizer to the Test
We have seen a lot of questions on forums about whether aluminum deoxidizers will really work for their car’s oxidized aluminum trim, so we decided to make a post to dispel your concerns. You have probably tried using traditional polishes on the unsightly oxidized trim with marginal results, and this is because traditional polishes are not made to remove aluminum oxidation. Classic TrimCoat’s Aluminum Deoxidizer is not your average polish, but actually eliminates the oxidation while protecting the shine with a long-lasting clear coat that prevents further oxidation build-up on your aluminum trim.

The Junkyard Test
We came up with the “JunkYard Test” to prove Classic TrimCoat’s effectiveness and show how it really works on the worst case scenarios. So we traveled to a junkyard in search of the worst oxidized aluminum trim we could find, and took videos of the whole restoration process.



You can see Classic TrimCoat’s Aluminum Deoxidizer for Cars effectively eliminates oxidation on even extreme cases found at a junkyard. Replacing aluminum trim can cost thousands of dollars, and can often be restored with our aluminum deoxidizer. Avoid unnecessary replacement costs by simply following Classic TrimCoat’s procedure to remove oxidation build-up on your car’s window trim. We are confident that our product will eliminate oxidation on your vehicle – we actually guarantee it.

The Junkyard Test showed that Classic TrimCoat can conquer even the most extreme cases, but most aluminum oxidation is much less severe. We demonstrate the superior quality of our Aluminum Deoxidizer on a more common case, a newer Mercedes E 350.


Our Aluminum Deoxidizer for Cars is great for new vehicles or restoring old vehicles. Please comment on the blog with any questions or concerns you may have about our products and we will address them as soon as possible.

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