How do you refinish oxidized aluminum?


Classic TrimCoat is a simple and easy to use solution for treating oxidation on anodized aluminum. It is an aluminum deoxidizer which, after some simple preparation of the oxidized surfaces, clarifies the oxidized surface, restoring the aluminum to a like new condition. Watch our videos on How to Restore Oxidized Aluminum with Classic TrimCoat kits. While it does not fix surface scratches, it does deliver a clarifying and protective coating against further damage. There is no need to remove the moldings to apply the treatment.


Does Classic TrimCoat have a Money Back Guarantee?


We have refinished over 5,000 cars in the Atlanta area at major dealerships, and feel confident that if you do not get the result you expect, we will give you a 30 day money back guarantee


What is anodized aluminum?

Anodizing is a process by which aluminum is given a protective coating. This is done by placing the aluminum in an acid bath, and introducing an electric current. This combination produces a hardened coat which is created from the aluminum itself. Even though this anodized coat is more durable, it still has a tendency to turn white and chalky. The way to find out if your aluminum is anodized, is by polishing. If you find that your cloth turns black, your aluminum is un-anodized. Normally wheel rims are not anodized, and are given a protective clear coat. Normally exterior aluminum window moldings and trim pieces are.


Does anodized aluminum have a protective clearcoat on it?


I have personnally worked on cars both new and old in the Atlanta area in my detailing business over the past fifteen years, and I found that even with aggressive sanding, there doesn't appear to be a protective clear coat on these pieces. WE DON'T RECOMMEND AGGRESSIVE SANDING, IT IS NOT NECESSARY. The ClassicTrimCoat Deoxidizer does 95% of the work. I have used my oxidized aluminum system, at my accounts for many years. I work at two United BMW locations, Dyer and Dyer Volvo, both Hennessy Jaguar locations, RBM of Atlanta Mercedes, Atlanta Classic Cars mercedes, and others, and have refined the product to its present state.  If there were a clearcoat on the surface, anodized aluminum would not oxidize. Anodized aluminum oxidizes when it is exposed to oxygen, and other elements in the atmosphere like various acids and chemicals. If there were a coating on it at one time, it is certainly gone at the time oxidation becomes apparent. There is no polish that improves the chalky, faded, look of oxidized aluminum for very long. Polishes are waxes which temporarily  make the surface look shinier, much in the same way Armorall makes many surface appear new looking for a short time. Also, many are confused about the differences between anodized aluminum and regular aluminum, or chrome. Polishes work on chrome, un-anodized aluminum, and other un-anodized or plated metals, but not on anodized aluminum. Anodized aluminum, as explained above, is a very hard crust formed from itself. When it becomes oxidized, the anodized surface becomes microscopically etched into very fine craters. The only way to eliminate the oxidized look for a long period of time is to use a non wax, non oil formula. That is why I invented Classic TrimCoat.

Thank You,

Paul Miller, President


Will Classic TrimCoat hurt my paint?

No! The Classic TrimCoat deoxidizer formula is safe, and cannot hurt your paint.



Why do you have to mask before you apply the treatment?

The only reason we mask before applying the deoxidizer, is to protect the paint while sanding. The new paints are very durable, and are harder to buff  back to a shine if they have been dulled by sanding.


How long will the application last?

If you apply at least two coats, the application will last for about two years with no special care.


What after care is required?

A light application of a good quality polish, like  Maguair's yellow wax can be applied to extend the life of the finished application. This can be done every few months.


How many cars can I do with my kit?

There is enough of the deoxidizer in the kit to do at least four or five cars.


What are the best conditions to apply the treatment?

It is best to work inside at around room temperature. If you work outside in very cold temperatures, the finished coat may show drag marks or ridges in the final coat. If it is too hot out, the coating will dry quickly. Of the two conditions, the hotter condition would be better.


Where should I store the un-used?

Classic TrimCoat  should not be allowed to freeze. It is recommended that you store it inside as apposed to an unheated garage where it may freeze. It can stand one freezeing before it turns into a solid lump. We would recommend that you don't allow it to freeze even once.



                                       What makes Classic TrimCoat different from other products?

Most other products are just polishes which contain waxes. Flitz, Mothers, and many other big name brand "Polishes" can never work to permantly restore a "like new Look" to "oxidized, anodized, aluminum". Some of these wax based products incorporate mild abraisves which will partially reduce surface oxidization. Unfortunately, this is not enough to restore a like new look. In addition, when the wax burns off, the problem returns. These conventional waxes only work on raw aluminum which has not been anodized. All exterior aluminum window moldings are anodized aluminum, and will not respond to conventional polishes. We have a permanent solution to the oxidized, anodized aluminum problem. A Wax solution to this problem is impossible.


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