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 BMW Rocker Panel Refinishing Kit

Designed for BMW 3-5-7 Series

This highly pigmented, water based polymer is able to be brushed on because it is the consistency of water with an extraordinary ability to cover. Apply with a foam brush, included in the kit, for a seamless end result every time. Dries quickly, maintains detail, and leaves no brush strokes. No Spraying necessary. Kit includes Cleaner, Coating, Brushes, and instructional CD.

        This Kit is $49.95 Plus $10.00 Shipping

      We offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Rubber Rebuilder Kit

This kit was designed for older cars which have oxidized and pitted rubber trim pieces. These trim pieces are expensive new, and used ones usually look the same as what you have. Multiple coats of the  water based coating  are applied then sanded, filling all pitts.  A final coat is then applied leaving a satin finish. The coating remains flexible for an indefinite period of time. Kit contains: coating, cleaner, sandpaper, brushes, and instructional DVD.

    This Kit is $39.95 Plus $10.00 Shipping

 We offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

E38 740i BMW Engine Trim Kit

The front covers on the E38 740i BMW are known to peel and make this high tech engine look bad. This simple fix is easy to do, and lasts indefinitely. The water based coating is a special formula which withstands the extreme engine heat and keeps your BMW looking factory fresh.

   This Kit is $39.95 Plus $10.00 Shipping

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Plastic Bumper Paint Kit


This Plastic Trim Refinishing Kit restores that faded exterior plastic trim on all vehicles. The easy to use kit comes with everything needed for professional quality results including an instructional DVD that demonstrates each step of the process. The video seen here is a short version of the copy included in the full kit. Please specify Black or Gray.  All Products have a 30 day money back guarantee.


The 1 Can Kit is $49.95 Plus $10.00  Shipping



The 2 Can Kit is $59.95 Plus $10.00 Shipping.




        Brush On Bumper Coater

This water based  kit allows you to get a great end result refinishing bumper tops  and various exterior trim pieces without having to mask and spray. The kit contains coating, brush, and DVD to help you through the process.


 Kit is $39.95 Plus $10.00 Shipping




           Wheel Flair Refinishing Kit

This  short video is a quick overview of the process of refinishing the pitted wheel well trim pieces. The kit has an in depth video showing the details of refinishing. The kit also contains high build primer, bumper & trim final coat, sandpaper, masking paper, and tape.


           Kit is $59.95 Plus $10.00 Shipping

           BMW E38 740i Speaker Repair kit

This Speaker repair kit allows you repair your four rear window speaker surrounds, which usually dry out, causing the speakers to rattle. These cost $169.00 each, new, and about $65.00 each used. The used ones are a poor investment because they are probably just a little better than what you have.

Kit contains four surrounds, glue, brushes, and DVD.

        This Kit is $59.95 Plus $10.00 Shipping


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